The Importance of an Effective Tutor for Medical Students in Rolling Meadows, IL

Before you can obtain your medical licensure, you must pass the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). This three-part exam is a comprehensive assessment of candidates who hold an MD or DO degree. At Differential Diagnosis, our instructors teach students the tools they need to pass this difficult examination. Our services are especially helpful for international students, who traditionally have lower first-time and overall USMLE pass rates. To improve your chances for success on test day, it is critical that you work with a knowledgeable tutor for medical students in Rolling Meadows, IL.

The first step of the exam assesses students’ mastery of sciences such as anatomy, microbiology, pathology, physiology, and pharmacology, among others. This step is an 8-hour testing session over a single day. Often, medical students will take this step after their second year of medical school, as they frequently use this score on their residency applications.

The second step tests students’ ability to apply medical knowledge to patient care and is subdivided into two testing areas: clinical knowledge and clinical skills. The clinical knowledge exam is a 9-hour exam taken over one day, and it covers areas such as integrated medicine, pediatrics, preventive medicine, psychiatry, surgery, and others. The clinical skills exam tests students’ ability to communicate with patients and perform physical examinations, and it is only offered in five cities: Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. Usually, students take this step after their fourth year of medical school.

The third and final step of the USMLE, which is often taken after the first year of residency, is a two-day exam that tests whether graduates can apply biomedical and clinical science to the treatment of patients. It covers such subjects as the central nervous system, infectious diseases, injuries, health maintenance, and many others.

Given the scope and importance of the USMLE, it pays to prepare with a tutor for medical students who is deeply familiar with the exam. If you are a medical student or graduate, Differential Diagnosis offers valuable resources for you.



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