Residency Interview Prep in Chicago, IL


Common Residency Interview Questions:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. What are your strengths
  3. What are your weaknesses
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years-10 years?
  5. What are your ultimate career plans? Are you planning on doing a fellowship? In which subspeciality?
  6. Why do you want to come to our program? Why do you like our program? Why do you like internal Medicine?
  7. What are you looking for in a residency program? Or what are you expecting from our residency program?
  8. What can you bring to our residency program? What makes you different from another candidate? Why should we choose you for our residency program?
  9. Tell me something that is not on your CV?
  10. Who is your role model? Why?
  11. Tell me about the research project on your CV?
  12. Describe yourself in one word?
  13. Tell me about your hometown/college/medical school?
  14. Describe the best or worst incident that you encountered in your medical school/training in your career so far?
  15. What are your hobbies/interest? What do you do in your spare time?
  16. How do you see the future of medicine? Or the practice of medicine?
  17. If you could not become a doctor, what profession would you be in and why?
  18. What is the most challenging aspect of the medical profession?
  19. How do you think you can motivate your co-worker?
  20. How do you approach conflict?
  21. Did you ever make any medical mistake and how would you avoid that in the future?
  22. Describe a time when you handle stressful situations in medical school/training/Job?
  23. Describe the time when your work was criticized and how you handled the feedback?
  24. DO you have any questions for me?

Note: The interviewer can ask anything from your CV, personal statement, and ERAS application.


Questions to ask from the Residency Program:

  1. Questions for Program Director:
    1) How do you support the professional interest of your residents?
    2) What is your goal for the program in the next 5 years?
    3) How your residency plays its role to maintain a work-life balance?
    4) What role do you see yourself playing to improve the personal and professional development of residents?
    5) Are you anticipating any major changes in the program in the near future?

  2. Questions for Faculty Interviewer:
    1) What do you believe are the strength and weaknesses of this program?
    2) Does this residency program have an evaluation system for the residents?
    3) How has this residency program supported you to achieve your goal?
    4) Which aspect of this program attracted you the most? What kept you here?

  3. Questions for Residents:
    1) How is the typical day like?
    2) What you guys do in your free time?
    3) Do the residents socialize as a group and how often?
    4) How supportive are the faculty, attending, and co-residents?
    5) Did anyone leave the program in the past for any reason?
    6) What are the strength and weaknesses of the program?

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