Physician Assistant & NP

Bringing Out Your Best Clinical Skills

Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioners

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are important members of a healthcare community. The skills they learn with Differential Diagnosis prepares them to work in hospitals and clinics. The course that Differential Diagnosis offers is for students whether they are currently working or done with their clinical rotations. Our goal is to improve student’s decision making ability which requires a strong link between basic and clinical knowledge. Differential Diagnosis offers a crash course for Physician Assistants and Nurse practitioners who are interested to learn common problems related to Medicine floors and ICU. It includes:

  • All common diseases (about 80%) due to which patients get admitted on the floor or ICU/CCU
  • EKG reading and radiology imaging.
  • Basic and clinical techniques about Point of care Ultrasound.
  • Clinical decision-making skills based on different diseases and presentations.

So, join in and learn more about the clinical thought process behind every case with our experienced IM board certified hospitalist who has a passion to assist students by creating a smooth track for them through their medical career.

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