Physician Assistant & NP

Bringing Out Your Best Clinical Skills

Physician Assistant / CNPs

Whether you are doing your clinical rotation or done with your clinical rotations, our goal is to improve our clinical decision-making ability. I require a strong link between basic and clinical knowledge. At Differential Diagnosis, we are offering a crash course to PA or NP students who are interested in learning common problems related to Medicine floors and ICU. The crash course will include.

  • All common diseases (about 80%) for which patients require admission on the floor or in ICU/CCU.
  • You will be taught basic techniques to read about EKGs and radiology imaging.
  • We will also go over basic techniques and clinical use for point of care Ultrasound.
  • Our course is mainly focusing on clinical decision-making skills (based on different diseases and presentations).

INSIDE THE PHYSICIAN MIND Learn about the clinical thought process behind every case with our experienced hospitalist (IM Board Certified) who has a passion for teaching and believes in constant learning.

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