Intern Boot Camp & Tutor for Medical Students in Chicago, IL


For some residents, an intern year is considered to be the toughest year in residency, and we hear and see times when residents can get fired from residency due to poor performance, knowledge, interpersonal skills, ability to handle stress, and inability to understand their weaknesses to work on them. Residents fired from a residency program are not uncommon these days.

If you are a foreign medical graduate, an old medical graduate, or if you think you are struggling, our program will be happy to help you.

We offer 2 days of boot camp to cover the most common diseases or situations which you will come across as a resident or as a hospitalist too.

Our course will be taught by experienced hospitalists.

In addition to covering common diseases, we will also cover common problems in CCU/ICU including basic vent settings and common cases in ICU.

We will show you the basic techniques about bedside US (Very expensive if you take an outside course).

We will discuss techniques about how to handle stress, work quickly, and efficiently without missing any important details.

We will go over important resources that will help you the most during residency and your future goals.

We encourage you to take the course before starting residency though we are available throughout the year.

You will feel more confident taking care of your patients and able to work with manageable stress after you take our course.

Start Your Boot Camp with Our Medical Tutor

You want to be as prepared as possible for your first year as a medical intern. This is the time to reach out to our tutor for medical students in Chicago, IL, and sign up for our intern boot camp course. As mentioned, this is a course that is designed to give you a real idea of what your first year as a resident will actually be like so you can be ready for some of the twists and turns that might be headed your way.

Our medical tutor takes the time to go over everything with you in detail so that you aren’t left with many questions by the time you are in the thick of it. Furthermore, we can put you on the right course to get the career and accommodations you are after as a medical professional.

Contact us to learn more about our intern boot camp and everything you can expect to learn when you sign up for it. We know that with our help, you are going to have the strong foundation you need to begin building the rest of your career as a medical professional.