USMLE Step One


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Program Features

An effective preparation course isn’t just about the information shared with the students. To be successful, these programs need to be broken down in a way that facilitates lasting learning.

Our USMLE prep program is broken down into a few different steps to simplify the learning process for you. In addition to our USMLE program, we also feature an intern boot camp that will further help you on your path towards a successful career in medicine. Take a look at more information about all of our program features:

USMLE Step One

  • Quick Review of Basic Science, Step One Live Course
  • System & Problem-Based Learning
  • Whiteboard Teaching on Most Topics
  • Appropriate Use of Flow Charts, Mnemonics, & Images
  • Repetition of Every Lecture Every Morning with Interactive Discussion
  • Free In-Class Tutoring Session Every Day
  • One Free NBME Session
  • Individualized Plan for Every Student at the Beginning of the Session
  • Test-Taking Strategies Reviewed