Internal Medicine Resident

Internal Medicine Residency course at Differential Diagnosis is one of America’s best and well-grounded, online courses that emphasizes on helping medical professionals through through their residency training. The best and unique aspect of our idea is that our students will be taught by Internal Medicine board-certified physicians.

Live Online
2 days live online from Chicago/USA.
Join from anywhere in the world.
Clinical decision making in hospitalized patients
Covers all common inpatient medical problems on medical floor
EKG & Radiology
Covers complex medical problems in CCU/ICU settings
Basic Vent management
Point of care Ultrasound
Learn from Board certified practicing physician with years of teaching experience.
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Internal Medicine Resident course

Who can take this course?

This Course is for students who are starting their resident training in USA or already in their training i-e PGY-2 or PGY-3. The course will be very helpful for physician assistant or clinical nurse practitioners looking to improve their inpatient clinical knowledge.

Course Schedule

Pakage Details

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  1. Pulmonology
  2. Gastroenterology
  3. Hematology & Oncology
  4. Nephrology
  5. Cardiology
  6. Endocrinology
  7. Neurology
  8. Infectious Diseases
  9. Pulmonology and Critical Care (ICU, basic ventilator settings, and common cases in ICU)
  10. Basic blood work, imaging, and EKG
  11. Point of Care Ultrasound
  • Monthly 2 days Live/online course with the best price all over the USA
  • Learn the best Clinical approach for more than 80% of cases in medicine
  • The class will be taught by an Assistant professor of Medicine with more than 10 years of teaching experience

teaching USMLE in person at Rolling Meadows, IL

Attending In-Person?

There are limited in-person spots available! The course takes place at Rolling Meadows, IL headquarters. Get your spot NOW!

Meet The Instructor

A teacher and a board certified practicing physician in medicine.

We will review common medical problems and clinical situations you will encounter as an Intern or senior resident during your internal medicine/family medicine training.

If you are an American or foreign medical graduate struggling with your residency training, this is the right program for you Focus approach to being the best resident physician in medicine

Learning and preparing for USMLE test


Internal Medicine Residency course with Differential Diagnosis is a two-day review course, which will be held by experienced hospitalists who are Internal Medicine board-certified practicing physicians, enabling our residents to get impeccably skilled. Our Internal medicine residency course is clinically oriented that introduces advanced techniques and skill sets to instill confidence in our interns and senior residents so that they can take care of any medical situation.

There arises a question; why Internal Medicine residency course with Differential Diagnosis is different from others? The internal Medicine residency course is the best, short, and most effective course that covers all the aspects of medicine. It not only helps to get skilled but also trains to manage stress and keep a balance between work and personal life. This course covers a lot of aspects of medicine including dealing with common diseases, and CCU/ICU-related formalities like basic vent settings and bedside point-of-care ultrasound. Most importantly, the Internal Medicine Residency course is for interns and senior residents, and they can get all the guidelines and resources under one roof. Differential Diagnosis helps students to fight their fears of being released during the training program due to poor performance and helps them to enhance their ability to perform well. Internal Medicine residency course with Differential Diagnosis is the most reasonable and affordable course when it comes to student affordability.

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Why This Course

  • Even after passing USMLE boards, we feel like there is a huge gap between basic/clinical knowledge and its application during our Internal Medicine training.
  • The approach to patients with different problems is scattered in different books and sources.
  • Interns and residents have to go through a sharp learning curve during the first 6 months of intern and PGY-2 training.
  • Due to the tough schedule during residency training, a lot of residents do not get enough guidance or do not get time to get extra help.
  • FMGs have to adapt to a lot of SOPs and learning tools that are completely new to them.
  • Sometimes doctors can lose their spot during residency training due to poor performance
  • Due to the steep learning curve with a lack of guidance, a lot of residents suffer in their personal life (Physical and mental health, marriage life, and kids).
  • Lack of work-life balance in different training programs.
  • Some training programs are not using effective methods of learning.
  • Some training programs do not have a well-defined curriculum
  • You might not have enough guidance to be a well-rounded physician after completing residency training

Start Your Boot Camp with Our Medical Tutor

You want to be as prepared as possible for your first year as a medical intern. This is the time to reach out to our tutor for medical students in Rolling Meadows, IL, and sign up for our intern boot camp course. As mentioned, this is a course that is designed to give you a real idea of what your first year as a resident will actually be like so you can be ready for some of the twists and turns that might be headed your way.

Our medical tutor takes the time to go over everything with you in detail so that you aren’t left with many questions by the time you are in the thick of it. Furthermore, we can put you on the right course to get the career and accommodations you are after as a medical professional.

Contact us to learn more about our intern boot camp and everything you can expect to learn when you sign up for it. We know that with our help, you are going to have the strong foundation that you need to begin your career as a medical professional in the US.



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