January 30 2020

How Foreign Medical Students Get Certified in the US

For foreign medical students, the challenge of certification is even greater than for most Americans. You have to overcome both cultural differences and varying expectations for practicing medicine in order to pass the USMLE, which gives you your certification. This three-part test can be daunting, which is why many students of all backgrounds choose to invest in a prep course.

Taking the time to work through a USMLE program in Rolling Meadows, IL, for example, gives you access to a wealth of resources that can make the difference between success and failure. From rigorous study material to realistic practice exams, you get plenty of opportunities you build both your medical and test-taking skillset. A good program should include dedicated portions for each part of the USMLE, including:

  • Step 1: 1-Day Fundamentals Computer Exam
  • Step 2: Clinical Knowledge and Communication Skills
  • Step 3: 2-Day Patient Management Computer Exam

As intense as the testing processes is, it’s necessary to ensure that only qualified and knowledgeable professionals pass. To be one of the privileged few who can practice in the US, you’ll need to take advantage of every available resource. Once you make it through the USMLE, though, you can move forward with the next steps in your career.