About Us

The medical field is evolving at an enormous pace every day and it's very tough often time to choose the right resource and information which we can be used at a given point in time in our medical career. We aim to provide our students with a comprehensive learning model that has the essence of various resources out there. We were there once and know exactly what you are going through and what should be done to help you. At differential diagnosis, we have a dedicated team who spend thousands of hours and come up with a solution that can help our students not only for USMLE boards but also for a residency interview, during residency training, and after training to ace your boards. We offer clinically oriented courses to help training physicians and physician assistants and teach advanced courses like point-of-care ultrasound.

Our Mission

To simplify medical knowledge and make it fun to learn and understand.

What makes us Different from Others:

  • We are not simply medical students helping other students. Our team has board-certified physicians who went through every possible situation you are going through and can give you sincere advice based on their experience.
  • We are aware of many different trials and tested techniques to be used to ace the USMLE score.
  • We will provide you with a focused approach to help you realize your exam goals.
  • We will guide you develop test-taking techniques and time management in the exams.
  • We know the stress and sacrifice medical students; training physicians went through while preparing for different exams and helping their patients as we were there.
  • Our field of medicine produced thousands of great clinicians and surgeons, but we are lacking in great physicians who are passionate about teaching. At differential diagnosis, we have practicing physicians who love to teach and love to help.
  • Every medical student, training physician, and our medical workforce has the right to learn through medical courses/medical workshops. We believe that pricing should never be the reason to avoid these courses. We try to offer prices affordable for most students in the world. We are approachable and willing to take feedback. We take pride in evolving with changing medical field.
  • We gave opportunities to our students to be a part of our teaching team, guide them to publish, and help them find observerships, clinical rotations to build up their CV.

There is no magic pill for anything. Being a physician is tough as you will be responsible for people’s life. We believe in hard work and willing to give you all the tools and guidance to make your medical career as easy as possible.